Quality Auditing, Accounting and Tax Compliance


We are passionate about providing a quality auditing service that truly adds value, and has a positive client experience.

We strive to always stay abreast of the latest developments, and have an extensive combined experience and skills set among our staff. We believe these unique skills, and experience make us an excellent choice in audit partner for small to medium enterprises.

As we are a smaller firm, we have an inter-firm quality review function with Unathi-VDP Auditors, who have many years of experience in the auditing field.

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The team at Acredo has extensive experience in the field of investment accounting, for both local and offshore entities.

We are knowledgeable in all aspects of good governance for trusts and companies, and strictly adhere to trustees’ instructions and wishes.

We provide accurate and user friendly information on a month to month basis via management accounts, furthermore providing IFRS compliant financial statements at year end which comply with specific jurisdictional requirements.

Our management accounts and financial statements provide detailed information to ensure ease of reference for trustees in making decisions on distributions, as well as compiling required tax reports for beneficiaries.

We accommodate various sized entities with tiered fixed fee pricing and also propose specific options in terms of format of financial information to suit each individual entity’s budget. Please contact our office directly to request a comprehensive pricing guide for your accounting services.


We provide accurate accounting services for all sizes of trading entities.

We furnish SME’s (please see SME service offering) medium and large trading entities, with user friendly accounting reports and IFRS compliant financial statements. Various pricing options are available depending on your budget or business size.

We have a fixed fee program whereby we assess the amount of work required and charge at an hourly rate for a minimum of two months, thereafter a fixed monthly fee is set. This assists our clients in budgeting for the future, as well as planning cash flow. This fee is evaluated annually. Should the amount of work not match the fixed fee, we immediately contact our client to discuss adjustments or additional ad hoc work.


We consider ourselves as the perfect counterpart for you and your business as we are highly qualified and experts in our field. We pride ourselves on providing personal attention to each client.

Because we believe in one on one interaction with our clients, we would like to introduce you to our key personnel.

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The procedures performed during a review do not replace the evidence that would be required in an audit. Engagement procedures are primarily of an inquiry and analytical nature, to obtain sufficient and appropriate evidence to support a limited conclusion on whether financial statements are prepared in accordance with an appropriate accounting framework.

Should you have any queries in terms of whether or not your company requires an independent review, please contact us directly, and we will gladly assist.

Acredo provides independent review services at reasonable rates, with Simone Coetzee as Chartered Accountant to sign off the report for added peace of mind.

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We know what a nightmare your payroll can be. Ensuring all employees are paid on time, at the right amount and that all taxes and deductions are administrated correctly, and paid over on time.

We can look after this for you.

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Payroll administration is defined as any of the tasks necessary to organize the compensation of employees for the hours that have been worked. This may include keeping totals for hours worked by employees, rates of pay and managing payments to employees.


We provide a comprehensive range of company secretarial as well as trust administration services.

Our Company Secretary Jana Jansen van Vuuren delivers through a quick turnaround time, providing professional service and accurate documentation.

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A trust represents a relationship in which property is held by one party for the benefit of another. Settlors create trusts and transfers property to trustees. The property of the trust is held by the trustee for the trust’s beneficiaries. The property’s legal ownership and control is separated from its equitable ownership and benefits, through the owner that places their property into a trust and turns over his or her bundle of rights to the trustee.

Trustees must at all times act for the good of the beneficiaries and turn over all profit generated from the trust properties. When this fiduciary duty is violated, actions and sanctions against the trustee are imposed, holding the person personally liable for debts of the trust.

Trusts must be legally and factually formed and administered in such a way, that there is no uncertainty that the settlor has in fact separated himself/herself from the trust assets, and assumed complete control of these trust assets, to the trustees. The result is an effectively managed trust, which operates independently of the settlor. Should a trust not operate independently, it has been found that a court (and the South African Revenue Service) may consider the trust to be an extension of the settlor, and not a trust in itself. Thus deeming the assets and all incomes attached to the assets, to be that of the settlor.

How can you ensure the independence of a trust?

  1. The settlor should avoid having himself/herself appointed as trustee, or at least including an independent trustee who will not benefit from the trust.
  2. The settlor should never attain the right to amend or revoke the trust.
  3. Administration should be handled in a precise and timeous manner, and be exceptionally well documented:
  • Round robin resolutions and meetings are in order, however the decisions made should be recorded immediately in writing, and signed by all trustees;
  • Physical meetings should take place at least once a year, preferably more often, and at regular intervals;
  • Proper minutes and resolutions should be kept and signed by all the trustees;
  • Each trustee must be seen to have applied his/her mind in arriving at any decision.

4. The right to appoint or dismiss trustees may never lie with the founder, even if the settlor is not a beneficiary.